Nu Sensuelle Bentlii 2 Motors Flexible Vibe

$ 82.99


Think of Bentlii like a secret agent. Unassuming and able to blend in with the crowd - until you press her buttons - then all bets are off! A simple, sleek silhouette make Bentlii is the perfect companion for any user - or any occasion. Use Bentlii externally or internally, and in virtually any position thanks to an ultra-flexible body that bends to fit your unique shape. And when it's time to spring into action, Bentlii's dual motors deliver massive vibration generation! Our unique design transfers all of Bentlii's mind-blowing power uniformly across the entire surface of the toy that you'll feel no matter what position you choose. And, just like any good secret agent, Bentlii's prepared for anything. It's 100% waterproof, has a long lasting, USB rechargeable battery, and packed with 15 functions to match any mood. When you're ready for your next secret adventure, call Bentlii.

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